Branding Is Not About Dying The Wool – The Woolrich Case Study

You would imagine that Woolrich, the outdoors clothing company that was started in Woolrich PA in 1830, is steeped in tradition, values and history. They have, after all, survived this long. And what of their branding? I found them with an … Continue reading

Luxury Customer Experience at Les Galeries Lafayette

I was in the Galeries Lafayette, in Paris, last week to find a specific Christmas present for my wife and felt decidedly disoriented as I walked in. Happily, there was a map on the wall with, as a bonus, a geolocation … Continue reading

Why a Luxury Strategy Goes Wrong – Getting omnichannel right

During a recent shopping spree in Madrid, I decided to buy myself a new outfit. I chose a well-known high-end brand with latin roots. The experience was decidedly mitigated and decries the difficulty in crafting an upscale and luxury strategy … Continue reading