Behind the scenes with the successful Somnai Experience in London with Andrew McGuinness (MDE279)

Andrew McGuinness is the CEO of Ellipsis Entertainment and founder of the BMB and Seven Dials PR agency. Through DotDotDot London, part of Ellipsis, Andrew partnered with a couple of agencies to create an innovative and provocative entertainment experience in … Continue reading

Universal Music — A Musical Journey Around the World

For this post, I would like to take you on a kind of virtual journey. Specifically, I will share a series of videos that show the world connecting through music, proof that music has a special universality. Take the trip, … Continue reading

Heir Hunters or Probate Genealogists and Aging Octogenarians

Getting older every day…and more lonely? This post is about two trends that seem to be crossing inexorably: the aging of populations around the world and the general lack of people taking care of this group. If you feel like … Continue reading

Human Touch and the anti-Facebook trend

Will a robot ever have the human touch? As I wrote in a prior post, I was highly disappointed after being called only a “reasonable geek” in a rather comprehensive (if marginally outdated) Geek Test at InnerGeek. As much as … Continue reading

Biodegradable Coffins – Death goes green

I could not help but smile at the pleasantness of the subject: death goes green. And of course, they are doing it down under, witness this Australian museum (on-line). There are 2150 hits on google for “biodegradable coffin” (although just … Continue reading