Andrew Grill – Getting the social mindset to drive your business (MDE154)

Minter Dialogue Episode #154 — This interview is with Andrew Grill, IBM Global Managing Partner for Social Consulting. A repeat guest (my first podcast with Andrew here) on the show and keynote speaker of worldwide renown, Andrew and I discuss digital … Continue reading

Michal Eitan – expert on design management at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (MDE132)

Minter Dialogue Episode #132 This interview is with Michal Eitan, professor and head of the Master program of Design Management (M-Des) at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. In this interview, we talk about the role and importance … Continue reading

Are we all in a giant internet shaped crucible? Guest post by Manish Gajria

The power of A and B Any internet/ecommerce product manager worth his or her salt knows that the best way to learn about your customers is to ask them. However, operating in the equivalent of an earth-sized shopping mall with … Continue reading

Wifi in store – To do and what not to do

For retail outlets looking to take the digital bulls by the horns, one of the actions I tend to recommend ‘wholesale’ is to offer free wifi in store. For certain types of outlets, wifi should be considered mandatory. At times, … Continue reading

Apple is Beat? Or is real data in the silver lining?

Many people have expressed doubts about the intelligence of Apple purported purchase of Beats Audio for $3.2B. On many points, I would certainly be tempted to agree with the criticism levied at Apple. The naysayers talk about: The price tag is outrageous (Beats … Continue reading

The digital marketing mindset: the DM brief and why digital marketing will get more expensive

The right digital marketing mindset is an elusive concept in a world of short-term results.  As companies continue to pour resources into their digital marketing efforts, the pressure is heightening on marketers and agencies to perform.  Briefs — even if … Continue reading

When social networking is all the rage in the News!

This Saturday’s front page of the UK Daily Mail (June 9, 2012) featured two headline stories (below the FREE DVD promotion) both of which concerned social media.  One story is regarding Facebook and the second is about Twitter.  Neither of … Continue reading

How to avoid marketing blunders: Market research needs more SEARCH before looking for answers

Despite access to so much research, not all data is collectable At Newark airport, about 10 minutes before boarding recently, I was asked to fill in a written questionnaire.  The woman who recruited me was nice enough.  The ideal respondent … Continue reading