Want To Make A Good Customer Experience? How The Customer Journey Goes Wrong!

If you are an online travel agency (OTA) and an airline you work with changes an upcoming flight, you are of course bound to alert your customers of the change. One would have to imagine that’s a regular occurrence at … Continue reading

Home61 in Miami Florida – A Great Example of Tech+People in Action with Olivier Grinda (MDE250)

Minter Dialogue with Olivier GrindaOlivier Grinda is a repeat entrepreneur, based in Miami, who is co-founder and CEO of Home61, building up a disruptive real estate business that promises the “greatest real estate experience that you can find in Miami.” … Continue reading

Customer satisfaction – How to value and evaluate it?

In today’s busy life where customers have a lot of choice, a heightened level of impatience and limited resources, it is ever more difficult for a brand to achieve consistent customer satisfaction and lasting loyalty, much less customer advocacy. Among the available … Continue reading

Customer Service – how to overcome the challenges of embedding the customer journey into business

If I asked you to think of companies that are proud of their “innovation” reputation, who comes to mind? Probably quite a few companies. Chances are that they boast about their renowned product prowess as well as the excellent career paths they offer … Continue reading

The 7 sins of using digital in retail

With the shopping experience in deep mutation, the use of digital in retail (such as new devices, tools and platforms) is becoming a strategic issue for many retailers. As obvious as the opportunities may seem to use digital to enhance the customer … Continue reading

Is the QR code dead, yet…? QR codes in the strangest of places…

People often ask me whether QR (short for Quick Response) codes are “for real”? The short answer is that QR codes will likely not have a long shelf life. That said, in certain countries — such as South Korea, Japan … Continue reading

Small Print Marketing = Small Mind Marketing

Satisfaction Survey When an organization overtly asks you for feedback from the outset, I tend to be favorably disposed toward them.  My mental shortcut is that they are “genuinely” interested in my satisfaction. …watch out for small mind marketing.  There … Continue reading