Creating the best mobile experience in retail – convenience, payment and loyalty with PepperHQ’s CEO Charles Hall (MDE233)

Minter Dialogue with Charles Hall   Charles Hall is the CEO and co-founder (along with Simon Kelton and Stuart Hall) of PepperHQ, a white label mobile platform for retailers to provide greater convenience, increase revenues and create more powerful loyalty programmes. … Continue reading

Digital maturity – what does great look like?

In observing how major companies are approaching the question of “digital transformation,” I have identified five levels of digital maturity (going from the basement floor [level 0] rising to the top of Excellence [level 4]). The interesting point about digital maturity is … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Paying Lip Service To Customer Centricity

Is your company talking more and more about customer centricity? It’s quite the important topic. For executives sitting through last month’s performance review meeting, however, I wonder how often the subject of lost business is properly addressed. Most probably, the notion of … Continue reading

Big data is dead

Big data is Dead, or Big Data* is really a Big Headache Specifically, for 99% of companies, big data is dead before we even started talking about it. Why? Because it is a vast, vague and unfriendly term for businesses … Continue reading