Massimo Fubini, CEO of ContactLab, using data to drive direct marketing (MDE178)

Minter Dialogue Episode #178 This interview is with Massimo Fubini, CEO and founder of ContactLab, an Italian provider of digital marketing services with offices in five cities across Europe. Having evolved from email marketing services, ContactLab is now at the … Continue reading

CRM ought to mean Conversation that’s Relevant and Meaningful

The mystery of CRM Sometimes, I get the feeling that Customer Relationship Management or “CRM,” is about as badly understood a concept as marketing itself.  What I studied in business school in terms of marketing was a far cry from … Continue reading Continue reading

Airlines getting personal while airports get intimate?

How to customize marketing efforts without violating personal data? With all the news about the “close quarter” searching in the United States at airport security check points, one might be excused for thinking that airlines are getting a bit too … Continue reading Continue reading