Killing Your Brand With Fake – 9 Cases of Fake Brand Building

Pretty much everyone has an opinion on what is a brand. But, as the saying goes, it’s like teenagers and great sex: lots of talk, little action. When it comes to actions, many executive teams are killing their brand with … Continue reading

How To Build a Tribe – How Loyal Are You To Your Customers?

Listening to a McKinsey podcast (Hi_Tech_Podcast) entitled “Redefining the marketing landscape” and featuring Dave Edelman, I was aroused by the phrase that brands should think about being loyal to their customers as opposed to the other way around. In other words, … Continue reading

The risks of the Hunter-Gatherer mindset

Is it better to be a Hunter-Gatherer (acquisition mentality) or a Farmer-Nester (cultivating loyalty)? Of course, it is not about one or the other. Companies need to find a mix between acquisition and loyalty. No business can survive without first … Continue reading

CRM – Stands for Can’t Remember Me?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is, broadly speaking, a term for systems designed to keep customers loyal.  Of course, CRM can also be used to create new customers.  But, the real gig in a successful CRM program is making sure that … Continue reading

4 keys to creating a winning Digital Marketing Strategy

We can, at last, affirm that Digital Marketing has gone mainstream for all FMCG companies – around the world.  As companies continue to focus in on their digital marketing strategy and investments, the challenge remains integrating and blending the digital … Continue reading

What’s the big problem with building customer loyalty?

The ball and chain of short-term results The problem with marketing in general, and even more so in digital marketing, is that customer loyalty is far from ingrained in the executive’s mindset. And there is good reason for that: the … Continue reading