Making Meaningful Relationships At Unilever with Megan Neale (MDE190)

Minter Dialogue Episode #190 This interview is with Megan Neale, Global Head of Engagement Centres for Unilever. She is also co-founder of a start-up, My Digital Customer, providing solutions to bridge the gap between contact centers and the digital channels. … Continue reading

The New Eurostar e320 Train…. A Singular Example of Poor Design          

This winter, Eurostar finally started to roll out its new e320 train. Being a regular Eurostar passenger, I was very keen to experience the improvements. Notably, I was very excited to get wifi onboard…at last. According to their site, the design of the … Continue reading

Bad Design — What Happens When You Don’t Walk In Your Customers’ Shoes?

I attended an event at one of the premier “serviced office” spaces (called Spaces, run by the US company Regus). If the event was otherwise a success and the general environment in the office space was quite pleasing, I was … Continue reading

Interview with Brian Solis, Author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design (MDE187)

Minter Dialogue Episode #187 This interview is with Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter. Brian is an anthropologist, futurist, author, speaker and bona fide global influencer in the world of digital. Brian has just published his latest book, “X: The … Continue reading

Improving the Customer Experience with Adrian Swinscoe (MDE160)

Minter Dialogue Episode #160 This interview is with Adrian Swinscoe, a consultant, speaker and author of Rare Business, which also happens to be the name of the consultancy he runs. Adrian has a long track record working with small and … Continue reading

Farce or Fiction – Part 3 of the British Airways Downgrade Saga

In the third (and presumably final) chapter of the British Airways Downgrade Saga (see part one and part two), I was contacted “out of the blue” by British Airways, last week. Since I was not able to take the call, the … Continue reading

Downgraded on British Airways – Here’s what needs to be done

Do you believe in Friday 13th? I must say that, ordinarily, I don’t. About 3 months ago, however, I booked and paid for a business class flight on British Airways from London to Austin Texas, to enjoy another fabulous SXSW … Continue reading

Customer Service – how to overcome the challenges of embedding the customer journey into business

If I asked you to think of companies that are proud of their “innovation” reputation, who comes to mind? Probably quite a few companies. Chances are that they boast about their renowned product prowess as well as the excellent career paths they offer … Continue reading

Mikko Eerola, CMO at Idean: A design agency that obsesses about customer experience (MDE139)

Minter Dialogue Episode #139 — This interview is with Mikko Eerola, CMO of Idean, a global design firm, based in Helsinki, Finland. Idean works with the world’s leading companies, helping them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers, through enchanting … Continue reading

4 reasons why marketing gets personalized, branding gets personal

If there is one trend that seems to stand out above the rest this year, it is the real opportunity, if not the urgent need, to personalize marketing efforts. There are four incredibly potent reasons for this: It’s what your Customer … Continue reading