The Big Problem When Executives Fail To Create A Social Presence

Many times I have come to talk with/to a group of senior executives about digital marketing and new tech and, in my pre-work, discover how poorly represented they are on social media. As some of you will know, I’ve long … Continue reading

Making Meaningful Relationships At Unilever with Megan Neale (MDE190)

Minter Dialogue Episode #190 This interview is with Megan Neale, Global Head of Engagement Centres for Unilever. She is also co-founder of a start-up, My Digital Customer, providing solutions to bridge the gap between contact centers and the digital channels. … Continue reading

Barketing or Engaging? 5 keys to avoid barking too much and to foster engagement

When you close your eyes and imagine the sound of a barking dog, what does it conjure up for you? Is the image in your mind of a cute and cuddly dog you owned or own?  Is it the neighbor’s … Continue reading