eWalking In Your Customers’ Shoes! A Warning Signal For Executives

Would you describe yourself as a business executive, working furiously to drive the business? Are you also an individual who, weeknights and weekends, lives at home? Of course, this description should include most of us. Yet, so many executives somehow … Continue reading

Customer satisfaction – How to value and evaluate it?

In today’s busy life where customers have a lot of choice, a heightened level of impatience and limited resources, it is ever more difficult for a brand to achieve consistent customer satisfaction and lasting loyalty, much less customer advocacy. Among the available … Continue reading

British Airways First Class is more like Last in Class

This may seem like a First World problem, but my experience with British Airways is a great point in case about how visceral and personal a relationship can be with a brand. Two months ago, I had a miserable experience, having … Continue reading

Why is customer centricity so important today?

In this digitally enhanced, always on and increasingly transparent world, brands that are not embracing customer centricity are likely to face more and more issues. Customer centricity is important for three major reasons (hopefully not restating the bleeding obvious): the … Continue reading

Customer Service – how to overcome the challenges of embedding the customer journey into business

If I asked you to think of companies that are proud of their “innovation” reputation, who comes to mind? Probably quite a few companies. Chances are that they boast about their renowned product prowess as well as the excellent career paths they offer … Continue reading

Where is your CUSTOMER service? A decisive battleground for customer centric brands

A main artery of a truly customer-centric organization has to be customer service. When products (the what you do, as Simon Sinek might say) become marginally distinguishable, the surrounding service and services will indubitably carry a differentiable and valuable impact. It has … Continue reading

What Are The Top Trends And Levers For Your Digital Strategy In 2015?

The year 2015 is now well under way. It is my strong suspicion that many of those carefully worked-on budgets that marketing teams crafted at year-end are already starting to feel a strain. And I have to believe that a … Continue reading

Digital Transformation – A question of mindset more than a technology

How fast is real-time? How much of what we do should be transparent and shared? Does the boss need to tweet? Is it too late to build a community on Facebook? For each of these questions, the answer inevitably is: … Continue reading

The Dangers Of Paying Lip Service To Customer Centricity

Is your company talking more and more about customer centricity? It’s quite the important topic. For executives sitting through last month’s performance review meeting, however, I wonder how often the subject of lost business is properly addressed. Most probably, the notion of … Continue reading

Leaders: if you are seeking to be customer centric, are you asking the tough questions?

Are you, like many others, trying to become more “customer centric”? If you look inside many corporate boardrooms these days, aside from stressing about next year’s budgets, the C-suite probably has a combination of the following words or phrases in … Continue reading