Best of the Web or Death by Aggregation? Why don’t brands curate the news?

Every day, your email inbox is stuffed with a mixture of important to completely undesirable mails. Gmail has done a stellar job of helping to organize these, even automatically. Yet, we still get too many mails. Even if we have … Continue reading

Continuous learning – a strategic necessity: Bring back the kid in us all!

If Human Resources — and internal corporate universities — are still busily creating trainings and seminars to help managers to come to grip with the inevitable digital transformation, as Brian Solis likes to say, the real issue is to find … Continue reading

MDE42: Marc Rougier @Marcfuseki – CEO And Founder Of Scoop.It, Curation And Content Marketing Platform

Minter Dialogue #42 This interview, recorded at Le Web 2012, is with Marc Rougier, a past participant on my French podcast (hear the French interview of Marc from April 2011). Marc is founder and CEO of, one of the … Continue reading

Starting your social media marketing

How does one get started? Despite the well publicized mainstreaming of social media, many companies are still on the sidelines about getting on board. Whether the inaction comes from fear, ignorance, doubt or a carefully considered choice, the issue with … Continue reading : Curation, Publishing and Bookmarking (all in one) is a French startup, co-founded by the world-traveled and eminently interesting Marc “Fuseki” Rougier. [Fuseki, Marc’s twitter handle, stands for the open board of the Japanese board game GO]., Marc Rougier’s latest initiative, is a curation site with … Continue reading

Marketing in 2012 – a window into the future

The Future of Marketing at the Media Aces Conference (Feb 2011) At the latest Media Aces* conference (7 February, 2011), I delivered a keynote speech entitled “Marketing in 2012.” There were 400 people on hand and the conference was broadcast … Continue reading

The return of the Blog: My favorite bloggers on digital media marketing

Technorati State of the Blogosphere Technorati, which is making somewhat of a comeback, published earlier this month the State of the Blogosphere 2010 report, saying that 56% of all blogs are from North America… leaving 44% from the ROW.  A … Continue reading Continue reading