UX Design Thinking – Secrets Of The Perfect User Experience in the Bathroom

User experience and design thinking is all the rage these days. Yet, I am aghast at how often the design of toilets (aka bathrooms or loos) is regularly overlooked. Sure, there may be stylish or trendy wash basins; but they … Continue reading

How and Why Customer Care Can Lead Digital Transformation – Celine Dumais at L’Oreal USA (MDE189)

Minter Dialogue Episode #189 This interview is with Celine Dumais, in charge of Customer Care for L’Oreal USA, but with a wider strategy role for customer care for the Americas. In this podcast, we talk about the challenges of customer … Continue reading

Trust me not marketing. Why some brands continue to lose the plot

Some brands are brought up on a particular style of communication. Type face, Pantone color, size and brand position are all highly regulated across a specific set of formats. Inked in so-called brand charters, these brands insist on a rigidly defined set of … Continue reading

Bob Gilbreath – co-founder of Ahalogy, marketing platform for Pinterest

Minter Dialogue Episode #108 This interview is with Bob Gilbreath, author of the book, The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect with your Customers by Marketing with Meaning. Bob is also co-founder and president of Ahalogy, a new Pinterest-focused marketing platform … Continue reading