How To Find Real Value In A Short Film?

In the film business, it’s well-known that documentaries are no way to make money. Furthermore, a short film is not only near impossible to make money with, it’s very difficult to distribute, too. Then why, might you ask, would anyone … Continue reading

What are Digital Marketing Rules #1 and #2? Content is King, Conversation is Queen

To my heart’s content As the digital wave continues inexorably to be integrated into the marketing plan, brands have to marry a one-way broadcasted message via traditional media with the social media two-way editorial line. The uber challenge is merging … Continue reading

The Art of Conversation by @yendial – How does it differ from a discussion, chat or dialogue?

Guest post by Yendi Dial Recently, on my favorite TV channel in France, ARTe, I came across a programme named ”Philosophie” on the Art of Conversation.  Isn’t it so French l’art de la conversation? The French love to talk, discuss, … Continue reading

Why We Have To Rename The Director Of Communications To…

The Unwanted Commy In English, “Comms” has long been the abbreviation for communications.  In French, the term is “la Comm.”  In both cases, the associated meaning is typically reduced to a rather unfortunate, if not pejorative, activity of one-way, manipulative … Continue reading

To blog or not blog? A very real question for any CEO

I had a lovely interview podcast with a good friend of mine, Olivier Cimilière Cordonnier, who is specialized in Corporate Communications (formerly head of Corporate Communications at Google France) and author of a successful French blog (Le Blog du Communicant … Continue reading

If you want to get social, start with email and the telephone

Getting social means communicating…all ways As the ever rising number of companies ramp up their efforts in the digital media space (aka digital marketing), there are, in my opinion, three very important parts of the social “program” that need to … Continue reading Continue reading

Need a coach for your brand ? – Part 2 : DNA, Identity, Reputation: The brand as an obvious “social” landmark ?

The brand is, by definition, a quality reference, a specific universe and a vector of values.  A brand is recognized for its quality and, in its domain, garners a reputation and expertise, which can lead to taking a position of … Continue reading Continue reading

Need a coach for your brand ? – Part 1 : Why is the brand a key success factor on the web ?

Today, existing on the web is a real business challenge. With the endless flow of information and the multiplication of screens and sources, being visible on the web has become a vital issue : brands must adapt. Some have been … Continue reading Continue reading

Battle for the Soul of Paris…

How can a beautiful Paris keep its soul? This is basically the question posed in this great article in The Guardian: “Battle for the Soul of a City” by Andrew Hussey. Turned onto this article by Notes from Paris (thanks … Continue reading