4 real reasons why and when you need to compromise, even when you think you are right!

Compromise can be such a dirty word, among purists, in particular. Aside from being the chronic condition of politicians and bureaucrats, compromise smacks of mediocrity, being average, selecting the middle road. The word, as a verb, gets even worse. Think of when your … Continue reading

Learning Curve – How’s your pace of learning?

Whether it is the effects of Moore’s Law or just the human urge to progress, the pace of change has accelerated and is leaving a lot of people in the dust. The major problem lies in the mindsets of the senior … Continue reading

Feedback loop – How and why companies can raise their game

The larger brick & mortar companies that are transforming into the digital era typically have their hands very full. It is a tricky path to weave, maintaining the current business flow, while fundamentally changing the longer-term mindset. The leadership teams are working on such … Continue reading

Itw with David Goldenberg, CEO of CVTrust for smart diplomas

Minter Dialogue Episode #103 This interview is with David Goldenberg, co-founder and CEO of CVTrust, whose main product, Smart Diploma, provides a way to certify diplomas for educational bodies who sign on. In this interview, we discuss the CVTrust business … Continue reading

Continuous learning – a strategic necessity: Bring back the kid in us all!

If Human Resources — and internal corporate universities — are still busily creating trainings and seminars to help managers to come to grip with the inevitable digital transformation, as Brian Solis likes to say, the real issue is to find … Continue reading