Customer experience – two different consumer journeys featuring BT and Orange

Most futurists or “futurologists” have predicted that access to the Internet will be everywhere. Even if the “Internet of Things” (IoT) may be considered a trendy trending term, the vision of hyper connectivity all the same continues to excite me. However, caveat … Continue reading

With Innovation, How To Find A Balance Between Strategy And Communications?

I have been to several conferences or read in the news about how X company is pre-announcing a new revolution that will be launched in… 2014.   For some of us, that feels like a century away. Last week, for … Continue reading

Personal versus Professional: Another ambiguity for digital marketing

Getting used to ambiguity in the world of digital marketing Last week, I wrote (post: Virtually Real) about the existential challenge for brand marketers to live with a whole assortment of ambiguities. These ambiguities center on the blurred line between … Continue reading