The state of marketing technology, building community and purpose into your brand experience with Kelly Hungerford (MDE277)

Kelly Hungerford is a digital marketing and marketing operations expert, based in Switzerland, helping small and mid-sized enterprises and brands on their digital transformation initiatives. In this podcast, we discuss some of the differences between marketing in Europe versus the … Continue reading

Thirst For Wine and Building Community with Robert McIntosh (MDE237)

Minter Dialogue with Robert McIntoshRobert McIntosh is a professional speaker, blogger and all-around authority on wine, known as @thirstforwine. In this conversation, we discuss the state of the wine business and the impact of new technologies. We look at the … Continue reading

Boost Your Digital Transformation – When The Boss Has More Followers Than The Brand

I recently met a French CEO who blew me away. From the outside, he didn’t exactly look like a digital geek. But, he has an Instagram account that, until recently, had more followers (10K+) than the main Instagram account of … Continue reading – Review of Conde Nast’s New Marketplace Portal

Conde Nast (CN) announced this initiative a year and a half ago and, in early September 2016, finally relaunched, but only as a pilot in the eComm savvy market in the UK. The rollout in the US and rest … Continue reading

The 9 1/2 Truths About Human Nature and What Brands Need To Do About Them

We are all quite aware that the times they are a changing… but it’s worth remembering that there are certain facets of human nature that have not changed. Over the summer weeks of reflection, I thought it worth putting down … Continue reading

Fuelband versus Fitbit #2 – Furious Fallacies

In a prior post, I did a comparison chart between the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit. I looked at the features and benefits of each. I also compared the measurements that each provides in common: calories and steps. The only catch … Continue reading

Sphere of influence – In which topic are you influential?

Online influence measurement systems and schemes remain a hotly debated area. Intellectually, we understand that real influence is, of course, is a blend of off and online. Influence is also highly contextual.  Influence is subdivisible into spheres of influence.  {Click … Continue reading

How to look again at role models and best practice sharing

Do you get it? In these changing times and an evident sense of disorientation, we are quick to latch on to success stories.  There is a certain urgency to get “it” as if there were a magic wand, single solution. … Continue reading

Tweet Tweet : The pulse of the game. You pheel the Phillies!

Sporting a digital pulse Not that I am a baseball fan, but I do keep an eye out for my adopted hometown, Philadelphia, whenever they are in the playoffs.  This year, after a great regular season, I see that the … Continue reading Continue reading

#LeWeb 2009 Paris Conference Part II of III

Attended the LeWeb Conference 2009, organised by Loic Lemeur and his wife, Géraldine, on December 9-10, 2009.  I collected my top nine thoughts which I am delivering in three separate postings.  This is the second of three (here is the … Continue reading