Interview with Ludovic Dujardin, co-founder of Petit Bambou, the little zenmaster (MDE124)

Minter Dialogue Episode #124 — This interview is with Ludovic Dujardin, a French serial entrepreneur, who has launched a number of vibrant Facebook fan pages, one of which hit 1 million fans, Petit Bambou, which he manages personally. Few are … Continue reading

Who do you need to drive digital in your company?

Social Media Director: a five legged sheep? I was interviewed by my friend Noam Kostucki about the viability and profile of someone who can help bring social mediainto an organization.  The answer obviously depends on the remit and the organization … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing Nuances – Making a difference across platforms

As brands get hip to social media, I have seen a few organizations take the inevitable shortcuts.  These shortcuts can include outsourcing community management (at a more radical level), ignoring the weekend, moderating unwanted comments, or simply not engaging in … Continue reading

Google+: Can you launch a G+ social network if you are not social+?

Being social is key to winning the social media game The first week of “beta” testing of the new Google+ social network is nearly finished and the debate is raging as to whether Google+ will succeed. On the heels of … Continue reading

Community Management: Constructing your Social Media strategy by interest

Getting social must be a company-wide project As companies scramble to identify or hire community managers, I often wonder about the criteria that are being drawn up.  There is still much confusion on the role of the community manager.  More emphatically, … Continue reading

Community Manager – Who is she?

The Community Manager — A necessary stepping stone for social media? Having attended and spoken at a number of conferences* on the subject of the Community Manager, I thought I would resume what I believe are the key takeaways.  It … Continue reading

How to know when a comment is posted on a Facebook fan page?

Look who’s talking in a nutshell! Facebook is talking up a storm, but who is listening? When you launch a Facebook fan page for your company or brand, it is hard enough figuring out what tone of voice to take … Continue reading Continue reading

Need a coach for your brand ? – Part 2 : DNA, Identity, Reputation: The brand as an obvious “social” landmark ?

The brand is, by definition, a quality reference, a specific universe and a vector of values.  A brand is recognized for its quality and, in its domain, garners a reputation and expertise, which can lead to taking a position of … Continue reading Continue reading

Need a coach for your brand ? – Part 1 : Why is the brand a key success factor on the web ?

Today, existing on the web is a real business challenge. With the endless flow of information and the multiplication of screens and sources, being visible on the web has become a vital issue : brands must adapt. Some have been … Continue reading Continue reading