The Building Of A Startup Via Alliances: Handpresso by Catherine Nielsen (MDE239)

Minter Dialogue with Catherine NielsenCatherine Nielsen is Chairman of Handpresso, a French based start-up that makes expresso coffee makers on the go. Founded by Henrik Nielsen, Catherine found herself thrust into the role of running her husband’s company after his … Continue reading

Starbucks opens eco-store, 50th in France

Starbucks France celebrated last week (July 1st) the opening of its 50th store in the country, with all the Starbucks high brass in attendance.  Located in the Disney Village at Disneyland outside of Paris, this store is the first “eco-responsible” … Continue reading

Coffee Latte Face Art – New Level of Personalized Service

If you think you are getting state-of-the-art in personalized service when Starbucks can offer you a selection with up to 19,000 different varieties, try this one out for size. Mike Keen, who runs a small barista (coffee shop), called Studio … Continue reading

In case you didn’t know about the Woman with the Longest Nails in the World

A woman, named Lee Redmond, with longest nails in the world suffered a bad car accident over the weekend and lost all her nails.  It is hard to imagine, but she had not cut her nails since 1979.  The combined … Continue reading

Typing Skills & Games – Credit to Lester Thurow

Typing not Stereotyping – A True Way to Advance… I have often wondered how my life might have been different had I not learned to type quickly and accurately. I will never forget a lecture I attended by Lester Thurow, … Continue reading

Taxi economics in Paris

This is not a Grinch who stole Christmas or a post about Uncle Scrooge, but it does have to do with money (economics) and service… During the last public transport strike in Paris in November, I avoided as best I … Continue reading