Getting to know the next generation of breakthrough leaders. Meet Dennis Berkhof and Marco van der Werf (MDE242)

Minter Dialogue with Dennis Berkhof and Marco van der WerfDennis Berkhof and Marco van der Werf are the co-founders of BIT Students Foundation, based in Amsterdam, a not-for-profit way for students to learn to code for free. The Bit Students … Continue reading

Is Coding Really For Boys and Typing for Girls?

In a recent episode of the podcast New Books in Science, I listened to Marie Hicks talk about how women went from being well-regarded coders and decoders during WWII to the situation we have today where there is a massive deficit of … Continue reading

Creative Hiring – The Guardian Taps Into The Code To Hire

The Guardian are hiring.* If you go to The Guardian’s site and right click anywhere on the page “View Page Source,” you will find a page that opens with the following code: Under the headline, they write: Ever thought about … Continue reading

Interview with Ludovic Dujardin, co-founder of Petit Bambou, the little zenmaster (MDE124)

Minter Dialogue Episode #124 — This interview is with Ludovic Dujardin, a French serial entrepreneur, who has launched a number of vibrant Facebook fan pages, one of which hit 1 million fans, Petit Bambou, which he manages personally. Few are … Continue reading