Behind the Scenes with AJ Brustein at Wonolo, On-Demand Staffing App (MDE183)

Minter Dialogue Episode #183 This interview is with AJ Brustein, co-founder and CEO of Wonolo, Work Now Locally, an on-demand staffing app that connects businesses with temporary workers. AJ was previously Global Senior Brand Manager at Coca-Cola before leading the … Continue reading

Because I’m happy! In pursuit of happiness

Who isn’t in pursuit of happiness? Would you not agree that Pharrell William’s song, “Happy,” is wonderfully a propos for our times? Launched in November 2013, it’s small surprise that Happy has sold over 7 million copies around the world … Continue reading

Interview with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency – pragmatic digital marketing advice (MDE83)

Minter Dialogue Episode #83 This interview, recorded on December 1, 2013, is with James Moffat, CEO of The Organic Agency, a digital agency based in Exeter, England. In this conversation, we discuss the differences and challenges of B2B versus B2C … Continue reading

MDE46: Scott Weitz, CEO And Founder Of Driver Digital, For Video Content Distribution

Minter Dialogue #46 This interview is with Scott Weitz, founder and CEO of Driver Digital, specialized in driving viewers and interaction with video media across all measure of platforms. Previously, Scott founded Driver Media with my long-time friend from university, JD … Continue reading