9 Reasons Why Your Digital Transformation Won’t Work…

Everywhere you look, companies are knee-deep in some form of digital transformation program. To the extent the subject is high up on the ExCom’s list of priorities, the most likely conclusion is that the company feels that they are late to the … Continue reading

How to allocate digital marketing budgets? Why executives spend money the wrong way

Digital marketing budgets  and costs are bound to rise.  As mainstream organizations shift their resources into the digital channels, the ipso facto consequence is that costs are going to increase.  Demand will push up prices, especially since there is massive … Continue reading

Great Face, Shame about the Brain?

The product is king! Product centric companies have a tendency to believe that they are equally customer centric.  The story in the heads of top management goes along the lines of: “Product is King and Customer is Queen.”  They might … Continue reading

Who’s on first? Is client centric truly desirable?

Is your team on board with your client centric strategy?Who’s on first? I love this old line from Abbott & Costello (see the absolutely hilarious 1945 video below) and made famous around the world by Tom Hank in Forest Gump. … Continue reading

Stakeholder or Shareholder value? What every CEO needs to do

In search of the CEO Myndset In a world of economic crises, burgeoning competition, regulatory oversight and the revolution that is the Internet, I think it would be fair to say that the role of the CEO is under siege.   … Continue reading

Brands Getting Personal

“Branding gets personal” is the tagline behind The Myndset.  A few people have asked why do I use this tagline? I would like to use this post to discuss, at least partially, why it is so important for me. Being … Continue reading Continue reading