Ad and Marketing Effectiveness via Del Levin at Nielsen (MDE164)

Minter Dialogue Episode #164 This interview is with Del Levin, head of the Marketing Effectiveness practice for Nielsen China, based in Shanghai. With a blue chip background in marketing at Colgate and as an American who speaks Chinese, Del is … Continue reading

Justin Brown, co-founder of Ideapod, amplifying ideas that matter

Minter Dialogue Episode #107 This interview is with Justin Brown, co-founder with Mark Bakacs of Ideapod, a social platform for collecting and amplifying ideas that matter. It’s a really interesting initiative that has just opened a beta version. There are … Continue reading

WeChat… Message in a Bottle and more from Asian Social Media sites

As much as I may be a fan of Twitter (and I remain so, especially for business use), I cannot but admire the growth and functionalities of the “new” social media sites coming out of China and Japan.  The two … Continue reading

Interview with Thibault Villet, CEO of Glamour Sales China, online luxury private sales (MDE71)

Minter Dialogue #71 This interview, recorded on August 22 2013, is with Thibault Villet, co-founder and CEO of Glamour Sales China, a luxury flash sale site, and part of the Glamour Sales Group. Having met Thibault in Shanghai this summer, … Continue reading

Thoughtful China – Interview with Normandy Madden (@normandymadden), Executive Producer (MDE69)

This interview is with Normandy Madden. Recorded on my latest trip to Shanghai, this podcast gives us a glimpse into the Chinese digital market. Normandy is the executive producer of Thoughtful China, a weekly online advertising affairs program with over … Continue reading

When collaboration goes wrong – Why the power of your network is vital

In today’s connected world, we have had to learn to find ways to break down silos, to work in networks and to collaborate with others. I believe that the power of your network is keenly related to your ability to … Continue reading

What does the Fortune Global 500 listing say about your country?

I read over the latest Fortune Global 500, released July 23, 2012, and wondered how people tend to read this issue.  Presumably, CEOs take immense pride by being part of this list.  But, for you and me and other regular Joe’s and … Continue reading

The Greying of the World – Enough to make you go grey!

Not that it is supposed to be ironic, but below is a grey newspaper clipping with dark grey text, shaded columns and a light grey contour on a white background… Lots of nuances in those greys! Take a look at … Continue reading Continue reading

Private Lives on Show – The privacy debate is strategic

The issue of privacy is a little schizophrenic.  In any event, it is strategic and worldwide in scope as far as developing one’s business online.  We all say we want our privacy, and yet we do not want to be … Continue reading Continue reading

Government as Guarantor of Privacy?

(Update July 28) With the massive leak of over 91,000 documents from the US Army operations in Afghanistan to wikileaks, the notions of security, confidentiality, privacy and piracy have hit the front pages of mass media around the world.  The role … Continue reading