Mr CMO – Are You Ready For A Perilous Mission? Here’s where the real challenge lies

We are all pretty familiar with seeing the title of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in Executive Boardrooms. It’s probably both the most exciting and most precarious position to hold these days in the C-suite. It was reported in a 2015 … Continue reading

Social Executive – For the boss who still doesn’t believe in tweeting

For some time, I have been waxing on about how Twitter is an invaluable tool for senior executives (e.g. Does the Boss Tweet?). The best way to use Twitter will surely vary according to the profile, the context and business objectives. … Continue reading

Corporate Communications must get more personal

Updating your Communication Style Ok, so a shareholder meeting must generally remain within the codes of tradition and press releases on serious matters must maintain a certain minimum decorum.  However, not all corporate communications must follow the hyper professional and … Continue reading