Andrew Grill – Getting the social mindset to drive your business (MDE154)

Minter Dialogue Episode #154 — This interview is with Andrew Grill, IBM Global Managing Partner for Social Consulting. A repeat guest (my first podcast with Andrew here) on the show and keynote speaker of worldwide renown, Andrew and I discuss digital … Continue reading

4 real reasons why and when you need to compromise, even when you think you are right!

Compromise can be such a dirty word, among purists, in particular. Aside from being the chronic condition of politicians and bureaucrats, compromise smacks of mediocrity, being average, selecting the middle road. The word, as a verb, gets even worse. Think of when your … Continue reading

Farce or Fiction – Part 3 of the British Airways Downgrade Saga

In the third (and presumably final) chapter of the British Airways Downgrade Saga (see part one and part two), I was contacted “out of the blue” by British Airways, last week. Since I was not able to take the call, the … Continue reading

Getting your legal T’s and I’s straightened out with social media – Interview with Sophie Goossens (MDE145)

Minter Dialogue Episode #145 This interview is with Sophie Goossens, a practicing lawyer at August & Debouzy, who is on the cutting edge of legal issues in the digital space. Having met at SXSW, we struck up a number of … Continue reading

British Airways downgrade – BA’s response will shock you

The BA Saga – Part 2 More than seven weeks have passed since my most unfortunate British Airways downgrade on a 10 1/2-hour flight from London to Austin (Texas). I continue to seek satisfaction from them. Here is Part 1 of the BA downgrade … Continue reading

Have you noticed this disappointing trend recently? What does your Digital IQ say about your results?

Over the past decade, we have seen a tectonic shift in the companies that are ranked the biggest in terms of market capitalization. Brian Solis recorded in What’s the Future [of Business], that 40% of the companies that were in the Fortune … Continue reading

Downgraded on British Airways – Here’s what needs to be done

Do you believe in Friday 13th? I must say that, ordinarily, I don’t. About 3 months ago, however, I booked and paid for a business class flight on British Airways from London to Austin Texas, to enjoy another fabulous SXSW … Continue reading

The war for digital talent – a critical battleground 

I am regularly asked by people in large organizations whether I know of “great” digital talent for hire. The wish list usually includes a series of competencies as well as proven accomplishments. I need someone really good to help drive the … Continue reading

Want a Digital Restaurant? Le Bar à Huitres in Paris serves a digital appetizer

Using an iPad as a menu for a restaurant is hardly innovative today. That said, it certainly isn’t the norm (yet). As restaurants come to grips with the notion of becoming a “digital restaurant” and dealing with its ever connected customers, … Continue reading