Injecting meaning into design. Beyond user-centric design, Julie Jenson Bennett uses meaning-centred design. (MDE263)

Minter Dialogue Episode #263

Julie Jensen BennettJulie Jenson Bennett is CEO of Precipice Design, a strategic design consultancy, that is pioneering “meaning-centred design and innovation.” In this conversation, we look at how design can be a far more strategic component of your brand and business. We look at some important questions: What is meaning? How to craft meaning-centred design? The intersection of culture, brand and meaning. Can we (human beings) create a shared language with computers that understands the implicit and unspoken elements?

“So much meaning doesn’t live on the page, but in the implicit and unspoken.” @jensonbennett at @PrecipiceDesign Tweet This

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Music lessons … A stand-up performance?

I came acros a shop in Annecy (Haute Savoie) that was selling a number of t-shirts with distorted brand logos (with play on words in French). Here is the most international example… The power of music and love (should I say “sex”): two of the world’s universal languages.

Professor of Music
Private lessons at home.

As for the other examples, clearly they are lost in translation.  Enjoy!