Branding Is Not About Dying The Wool – The Woolrich Case Study

You would imagine that Woolrich, the outdoors clothing company that was started in Woolrich PA in 1830, is steeped in tradition, values and history. They have, after all, survived this long. And what of their branding? I found them with an … Continue reading

Nathalie Nahai, Web Psychologist – how to master online influence and web marketing (MDE125)

Minter Dialogue Episode #125 — This interview is with Nathalie Nahai, the Web Psychologist, who is a great speaker, trainer and author of “Webs of Influence,” published in 2012. Nathalie brings together psychology, design and technology to understand better online … Continue reading

Should you promote Personal Branding at your company? Why branding gets personal

It is far from a unanimous belief that personal branding is a good thing. It can become particularly contentious when it comes to an employee’s personal branding. I have heard of top executives talk about “disloyalty.” Others talk about “outsized” … Continue reading

Do you have an innovation mindset?

Innovation is a word that is used very frequently in business meetings and written with great conviction in annual reports. Innovation is a lofty ambition that can inspire. And, it is considered by many as the single biggest driver of … Continue reading

The Brand Illusion – Where has branding gone wrong?

In recent discussions, I have found that there is a good deal of cynicism about the notion of branding. As companies continue to plough head and shoulder into the digital transformation ‘project’, the issue of company culture inevitably becomes front and … Continue reading

Getting to be Customer Centric… really

The “idea” of customer centricity is typically rather desirable.  Many companies have used the words “customer centric” sprinkled into their annual report. [Is being Customer Centric truly desirable?] The concept may be repeated in executive meetings.  However, more often than … Continue reading

Professional, Personal and Private – Getting your brand’s privacy settings right

Branding gets personal inside and out When companies have been “brought up” to be high performing and distinctly professional in their approach, there is a real risk for them going forward if they do not loosen up their “settings” to … Continue reading Continue reading