How to build and protect your brand with Cheryl Hodgson (MDE226)

Minter Dialogue with Cheryl HodgsonCheryl Hodgson is General Counsel to companies in the music industry, digital media, and publishing, providing global brand strategy and trademark protection. Author and speaker, Cheryl is also founder of BrandAide, providing and curating advice from … Continue reading

How to avoid the pitfalls of a diluted brand strategy in a conglomerate

Driving your brand’s point of difference When you work for a large organization with many sub-brands, where people tend to cycle through brands as part of career advancement, it’s a fact that brand differentiation becomes hard to maintain. As a result, an … Continue reading

Business model transformation – Interview with Olivier Gimpel CMO at @3Suisses – a view from inside (MDE121)

Minter Dialogue Episode #121 — This interview is with Olivier Gimpel, CMO of 3Suisses, which is owned by the German Otto Group. Over the last year, 3Suisses, one of the leading catalogue companies in France (also selling in Belgium, Russia, Ukraine … Continue reading

The Brand Illusion – Where has branding gone wrong?

In recent discussions, I have found that there is a good deal of cynicism about the notion of branding. As companies continue to plough head and shoulder into the digital transformation ‘project’, the issue of company culture inevitably becomes front and … Continue reading

Is it true that the best brands are technology companies or have technology inside?

Institute CSA & Havas Media Brand Study in France In a newly released annual survey from France — created by the Institute CSA on behalf of Havas Media — that identifies the top brands present in the lives of the French, … Continue reading

What really makes for great content marketing?

As Google continues to play with its algorithm, so must the spin masters, voodoo marketers and link farmers go fishing in other ponds.  One of the chosen areas on which many choose to jump seems to be the content marketing … Continue reading