Branding Gets Personal – Why We All Need To Get More Personal

In 2010, I wrote for the first time about what it means when Branding Gets Personal. Some companies and cultures prefer to keep what is personal at home and to keep everything at all professional and all business. Evermore, however, I … Continue reading

Comic at Work. How much personality and sense of humor should you bring to work?

Mitch Joel , the inspiring content provider and a role model for me personally, recently recorded yet another stirring podcast, entitled “Laughing all the way to the Bank with James Altucher.” In this podcast, Mitch and James discuss their shared … Continue reading

Why a brand must become personified by its employees

Is Personification Possible? I believe that the chances are very low that this question is foremost on CEO’s minds. Yet, I would argue that this is one of the central strategic questions of any serious brand on three levels. Why? … Continue reading

Apple Accessories – a first level of customer service?

Modern brand marketing – redefining what is the “product” The new iPad 2 is likely to make me crack. I held out for the iPhone until v3 came around (the delay was also partly because I was still having to … Continue reading

Professional, Personal and Private – Getting your brand’s privacy settings right

Branding gets personal inside and out When companies have been “brought up” to be high performing and distinctly professional in their approach, there is a real risk for them going forward if they do not loosen up their “settings” to … Continue reading Continue reading