Brand Content – How to make and distribute great brand content with Mark Waugh, MD at Newcast (MDE199)

Minter Dialogue with Mark Waugh This interview is with Mark Waugh, Managing Director Worldwide of Newcast ZenithOptimedia, part of the Publicis Group. Newcast is a specialist agency for branded content and engagement, developing and executing ‘non-traditional’ communication projects for a … Continue reading

Brand Content – Express Meaning

There has been much written about the need to create legitimate, powerful and engaging brand content. Finding and expressing meaning, meanwhile, is not so easy to do. Some brands hire “intelligent” consultants and agencies to craft clever advertising messages, write … Continue reading

Brand Content: Turning “It’s interesting to “That’s stimulating content”

After someone asks you “What do you think?”, have you ever caught yourself saying, “Yes, um, it’s interesting.” It’s one of those nonsense statements, especially without any qualification. Like when you are in a museum and you see a piece … Continue reading

Digital Transformation – A question of mindset more than a technology

How fast is real-time? How much of what we do should be transparent and shared? Does the boss need to tweet? Is it too late to build a community on Facebook? For each of these questions, the answer inevitably is: … Continue reading

Social Search impact on SEO?

Is SEO being turned inside out? With the mainstreaming of social search (BING with Facebook, Google +1, Wajam…), it seems that the practice of search engine optimization (SEO) is going to have be thoroughly reviewed yet again.  SEO has a … Continue reading