The Future of Blogging Is Dynamic and Filled With AI – But It Will Be Hard Work

I recently spoke on a panel, invited by Bernie J Mitchell, about the future of blogging, with marvelous co-panelists Katie King and Lucy Hall, and moderated by Andy Bargery.  The questions and flow of the conversation led to several key conclusions. First, blogging is far … Continue reading

Julie Legault Bringing BioTech To The Home with Amino One (MDE182)

Minter Dialogue Episode #182 This interview is with Julie Legault, a designer out of MIT Media Lab, who makes scientific and technological innovations approachable to the public. With a background in interactive art and wearable tech, Julie has created Amino … Continue reading

Mitch Joel – An interview on the state of digital marketing

A podcast is content… yessir! Mitch Joel remains a man on the ball and one of the most revered voices in digital marketing across North America.  In this early morning interview recorded on August 1st, 2011, with Mitch in Montreal, … Continue reading

Are we there yet? Companies ‘saying’ they are web 2.0 need to show it

The window into your company is open In the mad race to become, overnight, enterprise 2.0 and web 2.0-friendly, companies are seeking to talk up their “engagement” in the new process in an attempt to lure in talent.  I had … Continue reading Continue reading

LIKE ME! The New Marketing Paradise?

LIKE ME!  FOLLOW ME!  RECOMMEND ME!  SHARE THIS!  SUBSCRIBE! These are the new calls to action for digital marketers.  Anytime a consumer is online, he or she cannot avoid the virtual solicitations from brands and content creator sites (media, blogs, … Continue reading Continue reading