Align, Alert and Absorb for ongoing learning – A digital marketing strategy

Over the last ten years, what are the two most inspiring business successes out there? I would imagine that in a poll, in the Western world in any event, the two most common answers would be Apple and Google.  What … Continue reading

What Do Beta Mode And Code Naming Have In Common?

The other day, I heard how a project with a code name was actually launched with the very same code name. It kind of makes a mockery of the secrecy that “code” names are supposed to provide, no? Also, under … Continue reading

The Beta Myndset – Launch & Iterate

One of the most revolutionary marketing tools to come to the surface recently is the beta launch.  Essentially, a product is “pre-launched” as a beta version and, as a consequence, errors are to be anticipated and feedback is openly accepted. … Continue reading Continue reading