Made in – A New Digitail Experience: The eStore Translated into a Physical Space

I had the chance to visit the new showroom of in London (that opened in January 2015). In terms of a blend of IRL and URL, has blazed a new digitail experience that’s worth the detour, whether or … Continue reading

3 keys to create a great user experience

From a user’s perspective, few are the sites or apps that provide a truly exceptional user experience. There are many reasons for this. Trying to please all people The underlying architecture is out-dated The navigation is confusing The images are … Continue reading

Should you promote Personal Branding at your company? Why branding gets personal

It is far from a unanimous belief that personal branding is a good thing. It can become particularly contentious when it comes to an employee’s personal branding. I have heard of top executives talk about “disloyalty.” Others talk about “outsized” … Continue reading

How To Be The Best Salesperson – The Four Key Steps

In any version I have of the ideal salesperson in the future, nothing will trump the strength of a great relationship. In an environment of deep flux, companies are grappling with the effects of the internet, an avalanche of new … Continue reading

Three Wise Men or Three Why’s Men? How to recruit for the right attitude

Coming out of the Christmas period, you probably had your fill of the three wise men.  My favorite crack I heard was “A virgin birth I can believe, but finding three wise men?” {Click to Tweet} As readers of this … Continue reading