Airline Competition & Inflight Entertainment – How do they fare?

AIRLINE COMPETITION & INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT ARE YOU ON BOARD? As the competition for airline passenger dollars is only going to get worse — between higher oil costs, personnel issues & union negotiations, terrorism threats, ecological considerations [not to mention economic … Continue reading

MEDEF 2008 Conference “Think Big”: Is the USA Still a Giant?

Is the US still a Giant the right question? The plenary session of Wednesday evening August 27th at the MEDEF‘s Université d’Ete was entitled: Is the USA still a Giant? And the star-filled panel gave a very vivid and resounding … Continue reading

Perrier and Agnes b cross-marketing cooperation for Summer 2008

Ever thought about dressing up your bottle? Here’s a cross-marketing campaign that caught my eye. When pouring out this Perrier bottle (sorry that the shot isn’t in focus) at a bar outside the beautiful Chateau of Sully-sur-Loire (in the Loiret), … Continue reading

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Educational Systems

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Teachers – How to get rid of the bad apples? As much as I would love to continue praising the great teachers in my life, it occurs to me that many countries feel … Continue reading

Comments and Thoughts after Visit to Dubai 2008

OUR VISIT TO DUBAI FOR FAMILY HOLIDAYS Rarely does one get a chance to see a city in the making, especially if you have lived all your life in “old” Europe and/or the East Coast of America. For those in … Continue reading

China steps up efforts on Ecology

China bans free bags! In a second post (“Getting rid of Plastic Bags” May 2007) on the topic, I read in the Herald Tribune with a mixture of satisfaction and curiosity about China’s intended policy to ban the giving out … Continue reading

Motorcycle Helmet Day: Visit to Hanoi Vietnam – Part 3

Visit to Hanoi Vietnam – Part 3 of a 3-part recount…Today is December 15th, an important day for motorcyclists in Vietnam: Based on a personal survey, I would say that, up until a week ago (when I left), less than … Continue reading

Visit to Hanoi Vietnam – Part 2

Hanoi is a thriving city, with approximately 5 million inhabitants said the two local guides (although the official statistics cite a much lower number). The architecture of the buildings is a mixture of French (windows, balconies), Chinese (inscriptions, colors) and … Continue reading

The Greatest Male Tennis Player Ever, Sampras v Federer

Who is the greatest male tennis player ever? Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Bill Tilden, Rod Laver … Gonzales, Perry, Borg, McEnroe… The argument rages eternal among tennis players and fans and, aside from cyber-imagination, there are no ways for us … Continue reading