Customer Centricity – 4 keys to putting the core customer in the center

As brands and organizations try to come to grips with the “omnichannel” customer and make customer centricity a reality, it is evident that there is no clear-cut solution or single path to success. The complications are legion, especially when the organization … Continue reading

Why I love the iPhone 6 Plus (and it’s not what you are thinking!)

So, have you yet held an iPhone 6 Plus in your hand? Between #bendgate* (BTW you shouldn’t put it in your back pocket anyway because it can easily be swiped from there, just like your wallet) and initial challenges with iOS8, the … Continue reading

#Hellothree: Think different… and dare to be creative

Think different… be creative Over the last two weeks, while all the attention has been focused on the Apple iPhone 6 launch, I wanted to highlight the creative on UK-based Three’s latest ads. These adverts have been running over the last few … Continue reading

Apple brand marketing strategy – What should we really learn from Apple?

There is nothing so tantalizing as looking at the Apple brand marketing strategy and thinking how to learn from them! But, is everything they do, a de facto lesson for other companies? Sure, Apple is the company with the world’s highest … Continue reading

Apple is Beat? Or is real data in the silver lining?

Many people have expressed doubts about the intelligence of Apple purported purchase of Beats Audio for $3.2B. On many points, I would certainly be tempted to agree with the criticism levied at Apple. The naysayers talk about: The price tag is outrageous (Beats … Continue reading

Fuelband versus Fitbit #2 – Furious Fallacies

In a prior post, I did a comparison chart between the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit. I looked at the features and benefits of each. I also compared the measurements that each provides in common: calories and steps. The only catch … Continue reading

Why eBooks Are [Hard] Bound To Dominate

The figures for 2013 tend to show that eBook sales slowed.  According to the US data from the Association of American Publishers, adult eBooks grew less than +5% year/year for the eight months ending August 2013 compared to double and … Continue reading

A classic case of misunderstanding the consumer decision journey

Marketing is a tricky place to be.  On the one hand, most marketers in position today were not given the training in school to deal with all the new devices, tools and platforms available today.  There’s social media, mobile, search, … Continue reading

Finger, Face and Phone… Privacy is going viral?

In the wake of the NSA/Prism revelations, it begins to become too big to ignore: everything is being or will be monitored.  Privacy is becoming a central issue of the internet and, by extension, should be a central concern for … Continue reading

What’s the best iPhone case?

I wonder how many times an iphone is dropped on average? How often do they fall on their sides, front, corner?  How frequently do they break (broken down by sex, age…)? Speaking for myself, I drop my iphone roughly twice … Continue reading