Apple is Beat? Or is real data in the silver lining?

Many people have expressed doubts about the intelligence of Apple purported purchase of Beats Audio for $3.2B. On many points, I would certainly be tempted to agree with the criticism levied at Apple. The naysayers talk about: The price tag is outrageous (Beats … Continue reading

How to unlock, download and save NOTES stuck on my iphone? Here’s the solution.

The two-step solution to unlocking your NOTES For well over two years, ever since I transferred over fully to iOS i.e. the iPhone (from the world of the Blackberry) and from Outlook over to gmail, I have had one lingering … Continue reading

Microsoft Opening Stores — A landslide or a landmine?

News is out that Microsoft is going to start opening its own stores. (Seattle Times 12/2/09 or Mercury News, 13/2/09) Having hired David Porter, a 25-year veteran of Walmart, Microsoft wants to go down the Apple path to create a … Continue reading