How To Analyze Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods – Check Their Missionary Position

Will Amazon transform Whole Foods or vice versa? As this WSJ article posits, so far the impact seems to be the former. Naturally, the whole reason Whole Foods had to be acquired was because they were lacking in the results … Continue reading

Is Customer Centricity Really The Answer? Stan Phelps Says Not (MDE249)

Minter Dialogue with Stan PhelpsStan Phelps is a keynote speaker, Workshop Facilitator at PurpleGoldfish, and best-selling author (Purple Goldfish). He’s also a Forbes Contributor, faculty member on ANA’s School of Marketing and serves as an adjunct instructor at Rutgers Business … Continue reading

The Dangers of Automated Marketing – Is It The Right Choice For You?

Would you not agree that most marketers are still scrambling to figure out automated marketing? Whether it’s programmatic advertising, pre-programmed posting or repetitive tasks, marketers are keen to make the machines do the work. Cue: Big Data Analytics Algorithms Artificial … Continue reading

How To Make Your Workforce Engaged And Happy? Henry Stewart Has A Happy Manifesto (MDE212)

Minter Dialogue with Henry Stewart This interview is with Henry Stewart, founder and CEO of the London-based training business Happy Ltd. Happy was rated one of the top 20 workplaces in the UK for 5 successive years and now helps … Continue reading

Black Friday Sales – 8 Urgent Lessons For Brands and Retailers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 have come and gone. If they are cited as two distinct days, de facto, they have almost merged to become at least a long weekend, if not a week-long bonanza. Presumably each brand who participated will now … Continue reading

As a business owner, should I really bother developing a meaningful brand?

Once I lay into my vision of what real branding is — and what needs to happen in today’s internet-enabled world with the new generation of customers — I have often been asked whether it’s actually worth developing a meaningful brand? … Continue reading

What’s the Amazon brand? Where’s the Essence? And how can Jeff Bezos be replaced?

Having read the compelling biography on Jeff Bezos, ‘The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” by Brad Stone, I came away believing that Amazon is a long-term short and the main reason pertains to the Amazon Brand. I … Continue reading

Why eBooks Are [Hard] Bound To Dominate

The figures for 2013 tend to show that eBook sales slowed.  According to the US data from the Association of American Publishers, adult eBooks grew less than +5% year/year for the eight months ending August 2013 compared to double and … Continue reading

Let’s get digital – Why the human finger points to digital

As abstract as digital might be, there is a distinctly human component to what makes digital work.  Maybe the French have it right when they kabosh the term digital, which literally means “of the finger” in French.  In organizations and … Continue reading

Big data is dead

Big data is Dead, or Big Data* is really a Big Headache Specifically, for 99% of companies, big data is dead before we even started talking about it. Why? Because it is a vast, vague and unfriendly term for businesses … Continue reading