Brand Relevancy, Disruption and Digital Transformation with Charlene Li (MDE254)

Charlene Li is author, thought-leader and world renowned speaker, principal analyst of Altimeter, a Prophet Company. In this podcast, we explore the ongoing disruptive challenges of digital transformation. We also take a closer look at the latest research coming out of … Continue reading

Do You Trust Mass Media? Why Digital Is Taking Over…Differently

I love it when I hear certain executives say “we’re beginning to get it.” The good news is that there is a lot of movement in big business and many brands are beginning to “transform.” However, as was highlighted in the … Continue reading

Digital Transformation and The Role of Leadership with Charlene Li, MD at Altimeter (MDE188)

Minter Dialogue Episode #188 This interview is with Charlene Li, principal analyst and MD (and founder) at Altimeter, now part of Prophet. Charlene is a best-selling author, mega influencer on Linkedin, speaker and expert on leadership and business strategy. In … Continue reading

Interview with Brian Solis, Author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design (MDE187)

Minter Dialogue Episode #187 This interview is with Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter. Brian is an anthropologist, futurist, author, speaker and bona fide global influencer in the world of digital. Brian has just published his latest book, “X: The … Continue reading

Is employee engagement important in a customer centric organization?

If you are exploring a digital transformation process, there are two important things to know: The shortcut is that you will need to become more customer centric than you are today You are not alone! According to the Altimeter 2014 … Continue reading