Thoughtful China – Interview with Normandy Madden (@normandymadden), Executive Producer (MDE69)

This interview is with Normandy Madden. Recorded on my latest trip to Shanghai, this podcast gives us a glimpse into the Chinese digital market. Normandy is the executive producer of Thoughtful China, a weekly online advertising affairs program with over … Continue reading

Advertising: great messages that make great brands

Marketer’s delight: Ads that surprise While watching television (the film Hurt Locker and #RWC11) this weekend on my trip to Liverpool (UK), I was delighted by two sets of ads.  Not very often that happens, so I thought I would share … Continue reading

Why Brands Must Get Down And Personal – The World According To Apple

Getting down and personal with your clients and employees is surprisingly foreign for many companies; yet, I maintain that it is going to be an increasingly important element of success for marketers in the future. In this post, I want … Continue reading Continue reading

Industries stuck in time

I read a post last week on Brandchannel entitled “Are Luxury Watches Stuck in Time?” which triggered a few thoughts including: How many luxury industries are stuck in time and what is the level of risk for the upper end … Continue reading

Keep Paris Clean says the Mayor’s Office…

The Paris mayor’s office has seen fit to launch an outdoor ad campaign to keep Paris clean.  The image of trash in one or other natural environment is headlined with “unacceptable” or “scandalous” in Paris, too!  To the extent that … Continue reading

LIDL – A web campaign that merges value and values

MEANINGFUL MESSAGES AND SINGULAR SHOPPING EXPERIENCES… A consumer’s journey with a brand Ever since I latched on to the Firebrand (RIP) site, I have been interested in the concept of advertising as content, beyond merely being a reflection of contemporary … Continue reading