How To Make Your Workforce Engaged And Happy? Henry Stewart Has A Happy Manifesto (MDE212)

Minter Dialogue with Henry Stewart This interview is with Henry Stewart, founder and CEO of the London-based training business Happy Ltd. Happy was rated one of the top 20 workplaces in the UK for 5 successive years and now helps … Continue reading

Digital maturity – what does great look like?

In observing how major companies are approaching the question of “digital transformation,” I have identified five levels of digital maturity (going from the basement floor [level 0] rising to the top of Excellence [level 4]). The interesting point about digital maturity is … Continue reading

Mind the Gap – The best productivity gains are found under foot

Companies will forever continue to look for ways to make productivity gains. Consultants are brought in, new bosses plant their flags with their new big ideas, HR is called in to reduce headcount.  Sound familiar?  Yet, one of the biggest … Continue reading