The Difference Between Branding And Brand Building – Listens From The Vault

In a conversation I had with Employer Brand maestro, Simon Barrow, we talked about the different between employer brand management and employer branding. Similarly, for brands as a whole, there is a radical rift between branding and brand building. The former … Continue reading

Money and Meaningfulness – Are They Compatible?

These are interesting days, any way you cut it. Whether it’s the latest new tech innovations, magnificent astronomical discoveries, an ever-present terrorist threat, looming election fever in multiple countries or the fear of a financial bubble bursting, everywhere one looks it seems there is excitement and … Continue reading

5eCommerce – Putting the 5E’s into eCommerce

Inspired by a comment at a recent workshop, I thought I might apply my 5E’s of marketing into an eCommerce framework.  eCommerce is a difficult business.  The dirty little secret is that most eCommerce sites are not profitable, especially if … Continue reading

What is the right leadership mindset for winning organizations today? The checklist!

In this era of fundamental transformation, it has never been more difficult to find the right leadership mindset.  As I travel around the world and work in different organizations, I see women and men trying to get to grips with … Continue reading

The Art of Conversation by @yendial – How does it differ from a discussion, chat or dialogue?

Guest post by Yendi Dial Recently, on my favorite TV channel in France, ARTe, I came across a programme named ”Philosophie” on the Art of Conversation.  Isn’t it so French l’art de la conversation? The French love to talk, discuss, … Continue reading

Does your story have guts?

Storytelling is all the rage… In a quest for content, brands are looking to create stories to recount (online, in particular).  The catch is that the stories must resonate with their audience and, more pressingly, must ring true for the … Continue reading