Leo Bonanni – CEO and founder of SourceMap for greater supply chain transparency

Minter Dialogue Episode #104 This interview is with Dr Leo Bonanni, CEO and founder of Sourcemap, a social network and collaborative platform that essentially helps companies to map their supply chain around the world. In this conversation, we discuss the Sourcemap … Continue reading

President Hollande – There’s a Hole in your Trustworthiness

The latest scandal in France with President Hollande, regarding his First Lady-cum-Second-Girlfriend-cum-Three’s a Party, has brought to the forefront the divide between personal and professional life. In France, the refrain is frequent: what’s personal is private. It’s considered the French … Continue reading

Finger, Face and Phone… Privacy is going viral?

In the wake of the NSA/Prism revelations, it begins to become too big to ignore: everything is being or will be monitored.  Privacy is becoming a central issue of the internet and, by extension, should be a central concern for … Continue reading

What can brands learn from the 2012 US Presidential Elections – Obama, Romney or USA?

In search of sense (not cents) After living through the most expensive Presidential campaign in the history of the world (not just the US), one has to scratch one’s head about the state of the democratic process. A whopping $1.057 … Continue reading

What does the Fortune Global 500 listing say about your country?

I read over the latest Fortune Global 500, released July 23, 2012, and wondered how people tend to read this issue.  Presumably, CEOs take immense pride by being part of this list.  But, for you and me and other regular Joe’s and … Continue reading

The three biggest excuses not to get it done and what to do about it!

As I travel around the world and work in different organizations, I see women and men trying to get to grips with the trifecta of problems (aka excuses) as to why business is not going as well as they would … Continue reading

Sense of Balance – Astounding criminal justice inconsistencies

I love Eddie Izzard. Do you? In one of his absolutely best skits, dressed in his executive transvestite garb, in Dressed to Kill, Izzard says that we all know how to name and punish someone who murders one or several people. … Continue reading

The unfair weather knell of democratic politics

We are in changing times (once again) and I must say that the picture reminds me of the grey and rainy may day (ie. help!) we are having in London (au Secours #RadioLondres), on this Monday, May 7, 2012. As … Continue reading

Politics And The Web: Choosing The Right Digital Media Strategy

Digital Marketing by the Pols I made a presentation a couple of weeks ago at Hotel Napoleon, at the Conference entitled “Innovation Napoleon.”  This conference, at which I have made a number of presentations, unites a heterogeneous crowd around digital … Continue reading

Social Media and Politics: A roadmap for the 2012 elections and brands

2012: The year of seismic elections Next year is the year of presidential elections in a vast array of countries, with particularly high profile elections in US, France, Russia, India, Turkey and China. Moreover, arguably as important from a geo-political … Continue reading