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Penis size

Penis size around the world. Source: Source: Supplied

  • Link between finger length and penises
  • 144 subjects tested in hospital
  • Concerns about overstretching

KOREAN scientists say the ratio between the second and fourth fingers is linked to stretched penile length.

The research was published online last night in the Asian Journal of Andrology.

The scientists descended on 144 Korean men aged 20 or older who were in hospital for urological surgery and who signed away their right to dignity.

The hand in question was the right one and the fingers were the second and fourth – otherwise known as index and ring.

The subjects were anaesthetised, which is important, because their tockleys needed to be torpid so the scientists could stretch them.

To make sure there was no preconceived notions, one measurer was designated the fingers and another got the goolies.

Men who were admitted with conditions that affect their penis size – such as hypospadia or urethral stricture – were excluded.

Now, before you start checking out your own fingers, or anyone’s around you, you need a “digital Vernier calliper” accurate to 0.01mm just to be sure.

You measure the ventral surface of the fingers, from the crease at the palm to the tip.


The scientists discovered that while each man’s height, ring finger length and digit ratio were all associated with the size of his penis, the digit ratio was the sole “significant predictive factor” for stretched penile length.

Reporting their findings in the Asian Journal of Andrology, the scientists said the results “did show that stretched penile length correlated with digit ratio, as men with a lower digit ratio tended to have a longer penile length”.

So the closer in length your two fingers are, the more “jumbo heat” you’re packing, as Jon Stewart would say.

Why knowing this is important is anyone’s guess, however, the team says the findings link the phenomenon to another study that links height with prenatal androgen exposure.

Higher exposure to prenatal androgens such as testosterone generally result in taller people.

Now we know it is also “responsible for both the lower digit ratio and the longer penile length”.

That “prenatal” caveat also means it can’t be applied retrospectively, so for now, you’ll have to stick to Swedish pumps and suspended weights.

(Trust us, there’s no chemical fix. Ignore those emails.)

The best you can hope for is a good outcome for your son in gestation.

The study found that foetal androgen levels in male embryos are elevated between 8 and 24 weeks of gestation, peaking between 14 and 16 weeks.

There is a serious side to all this, as well.

According to the team, digit ratio “has been correlated with a number of aspects of reproductive biology and sexual behaviour over the past decade, including a link with the risk of developing prostate cancer”.

And there are also critics of the study.

Some say it’s not fair because the analgesic properties of anaesthesia means the penises could be stretched beyond reasonable lengths.

Others say it’s not valid because the test subjects were solely Korean. 

Mildly humorous as well as possibly true! I should think there will be some finger checking after having read this report.

France loves to strike where you least expect

Got to love this. Pôle Emploi, the agency in charge of dealing with the unemployed (currently riding at 9.7% in France) is going on strike. Not enough resources to go around they claim, and now they are planning job cuts for 2011. Pole Emploi will, in effect, add to the ranks of the unemployed; a little ironic. It reminds me when the unemployed in France went on strike (actually they just manifested) saying they wanted more benefits.

Panasonic develops Robot Hairwash for Elderly Care

Panasonic Hair Washing Robot

Panasonic’s R&D has come up with a great new tool to help in elderly care.  Essentially, the apparatus is designed to help wash infirm or elderly patients in hospitals, eliminating a laborious work for the nurses.

As reported in the press release, the robot arms scan the user’s head in three dimensions, remembering the dimensions to “apply just the right amount of pressure to each person when shampooing and massaging”.  Each of the arms has three motors that independently control swing, press and massage motions. The robot even remembers each person’s head shape and preferred massage course.”  The hands have 16 fingers.

THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Panasonic to Showcase Electric Care Assistance Bed with Integrated Wheelchair and Hair-Washing Robot at International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition 2010.  Read more here.

Drain, Disk and Design

Found this drain cover, walking along Boulevard Madeleine in Paris, repainted in the form of a vinyl record. It is certainly not the new advertising platform of choice, but full marks for creativity. I suspect that, if I did a little Google image search, I might find a whole sub-culture of painted manhole covers. Anyone else spotted similar painted covers?

Creative Design on the Streets of Paris

The Buffalo Bill Dam on the Shoshoni River at Cody, Wyoming….

The internet (and that includes the email) is full of mixed truths. Some of the images/stories are circulated via emails, spreading the word via the email database. Others circulate via Facebook and others again around the dinner table. Fortunately, there are ways to investigate and keep an editorial line… if one wishes!

These photos below are magnificent and deserve the viewing, so enjoy the trail. Then discover the truth below!

Photo 1

Dam it, what is that?

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Handshake ‘key sign of longer life’

A firm handshake and brisk walk could be indicators of a longer life expectancy.

Scientists at the Medical Research Council analysed the results of 33 studies into the link between the ability to carry out simple physical tasks and age of death.

They found people who performed better at tasks including gripping, walking, rising from a chair and balancing on one leg tended to live to a riper age.

Tens of thousands of men and women across the globe took part in the studies, some of which followed participants for 43 years.

Of the 14 studies dealing with grip strength, it was found that those with the strongest hand grasps tended to live longer than those with feeble ones. Continue reading

Roma & the GZ Mosque – A Question of National Identity and Signs of Xenophobia

The media on both sides of the Atlantic have been feeding on two separate, but in my mind, related issues: the building of a mosque right nearby Ground Zero and the expulsion of “Roma” gypsies from France.  At the core of both situations is a latent question of xenophobia.  Both France and the US have a long history of immigration; albeit the USA was entirely built on immigration.  Both countries’ future relies heavily on their ability to attract immigrants and, emphatically, to be able to cultivate diversity. Yet, where is the line to be drawn before the national threshold feels compromised? Continue reading