Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers: Timeless as Life itself

This week in 1938 (August 22), Hollywood’s most famous dancing duo, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, were featured on the cover of Life magazine.  With the US still in the grips of the Great Depression and with war heating up … Continue reading

Phish Summer Tour Video

This is a very clever video announcing the Phish summer tour for 2011. Phish Summer 2011 Tour from Phish on Vimeo. Posted at 05:59 PM | Permalink via Recently been excited to share to the French marketing community the … Continue reading

The Death Of The Music Industry

via A graphic display of the state of the music industry created by Bain…. What it speaks to is the head-in-the-sand approach that the industry had as a whole as the internet wave took over, reaching its peak in 1998. … Continue reading

Ease Finger Soreness when Learning to Play Guitar – wikiHow

For the guitar players out there who don’t play as often as they might like (or are just starting up), I thought this “how to” was rather good.  Ease Finger Soreness when Learning to Play Guitar – wikiHow My favourite … Continue reading

Perpetuum Jazzile Africa from Slovenia: Nature meets Music Storm

Nature meets Music. Here is a wonderful example of creativity, where a Slovenian chorus has created a superlative, supranatural segue into a wonderfully uplifting song, entitled Africa. The choir is called Perpetuum Jazzile, “Slovenia’s only jazz choir, conducted by Tomaž … Continue reading

Deezer – yet another phishing scam

In another spam scam, Deezer, Europe’s leading “music on demand” site (equivalent of LastFM), has been attacked.  They quickly reacted by sending out this mail (in French as it is a French based company), alerting its users that the offer … Continue reading

Change Management – Cutting Dollars & Making Sense in Recession

In these times of recession, a change is certainly gonna come… For the companies feeling the hit (not referring to Sam Cooke), there is plenty of talk of cutting budgets and payroll (though much less of the latter in France). … Continue reading