SNCR – Spending on conversational marketing looking up

A new research study from SNCR says that spending on conversational marketing will outstrip traditional marketing by 2012. Commissioned by New Communications Review (SNCR, run by Jen McClure), and Joe Jaffe, the study shows some interesting figures and projections from … Continue reading

Word consumption & the power of silence

We consume words with our most precious resource: time. As such, we should be extremely watchful in its expenditure. Are you not tired of the deluge of words that gush out of some people’s mouths? Between formalities, small talk and … Continue reading

How To Club Meditate

The Dial ’07 Summer Holidays, Club Meditation — Part 1 of 3. After 5 times at a Club Med, I think we are now officially veteran ‘Gentils Membres’ (guests). Yes, admitting that we (2 adults, 2 kids) enjoy Club Med … Continue reading

Politics politics… give me a solution, not a criticism

At home or in business, we are always told to avoid politics (not sex and rock’n’roll fortunately). The notion of providing a solution to the problem is rarely addressed in those dangerous “political” conversations that risk getting heated. Most of … Continue reading