Of Standards, Convergence & Collaboration – Winning back consumer confidence

Modern life is, at best, complex and, at worst, horribly wasteful and confusing. I am galled by the number of chargers that I must pack with me when I travel with my various electronics. On any given holidays, I will … Continue reading

Review of the Macally Ecofan bamboo laptop tablette

I was intrigued the other day to come across a laptop “ventilator” tablette (2300 revs / minute and 23.5 decibels) which is designed to evacuate the heat coming from your portable computer. What grabbed my attention initially, I must admit, … Continue reading

ATM or Computer Screen Readability in the Sunlight

Here’s a business opportunity for an enterprising individual: create a screen that can be read despite the sunshine.  I was in Naples last week and, braving the 40C degree heat, I attempted to draw some money from an ATM (pictured … Continue reading

Worldmapper – The world through different filters

Here is a great site for people with a global mindset: Worldmapper — a wonderful way to review the the worldwide situation… The site features maps of the world distorted according to the criteria. In their own words, “Worldmapper is … Continue reading

Ah, the pleasures of being in the countryside

A trip to the village of Eymoutiers (pop C. 3000), in the Limousin area of France, for a weekend of relaxation with the family. This is the village about which I wrote in a prior post, where the Casino supermarket … Continue reading