Claim Your Brand Experience – Inspired by Debra Jarvis

Not all TED Talks are breathtaking or inspirational. But, like anything you come across, if you stay open, bigger messages and thoughts may arise. This happened to me listening to a TED Talk given by a female chaplain, Debra Jarvis in … Continue reading

Branding Gets Personal – Why We All Need To Get More Personal

In 2010, I wrote for the first time about what it means when Branding Gets Personal. Some companies and cultures prefer to keep what is personal at home and to keep everything at all professional and all business. Evermore, however, I … Continue reading

Killing Your Brand With Fake – 9 Cases of Fake Brand Building

Pretty much everyone has an opinion on what is a brand. But, as the saying goes, it’s like teenagers and great sex: lots of talk, little action. When it comes to actions, many executive teams are killing their brand with … Continue reading

Can A Niche Brand Really Stay Indie Once It Is Acquired?

There are a number of industries where the big titans seem to prefer buying up small niche brands rather than grow their own. If the internal innovation isn’t sufficient and the organic growth is not enough, the natural option quickly becomes … Continue reading

How To Build a Tribe – How Loyal Are You To Your Customers?

Listening to a McKinsey podcast (Hi_Tech_Podcast) entitled “Redefining the marketing landscape” and featuring Dave Edelman, I was aroused by the phrase that brands should think about being loyal to their customers as opposed to the other way around. In other words, … Continue reading

Luxury Brands – The Online Challenge To Be Upscale

A friend who was writing a dissertation asked me to respond to a few questions on digital marketing for luxury brands. Herewith are the questions and answers I gave. The answer to the question should not be unilateral. First, it depends … Continue reading

Google Alphabet: Spelling Success With Alphabet – Lovable Or Hatable?

I’m still considering Google’s change of name to Alphabet. Yes, I’ve read the explanatory press release and many pundits’ opinions. Yes, I realize that Google has spawned businesses far removed from the familiar search engine/media platform we have come to … Continue reading

The 9 1/2 Truths About Human Nature and What Brands Need To Do About Them

We are all quite aware that the times they are a changing… but it’s worth remembering that there are certain facets of human nature that have not changed. Over the summer weeks of reflection, I thought it worth putting down … Continue reading

From value extraction to value exchange – the new marketing mindset

Most of the corporate finance and marketing courses that I followed in business school back in 1992-3 talked about the need to extract value from one’s activities. It is a founding principle of great branding that says that marketing is … Continue reading