Oye Oye! My Blog Now Talks — WebReader Application

Friends, Romans and World Citizens, Lend me Your Ears…. Some INSEAD classmates, at VoiceCorp*, have launched a new service (just a month old) called ReadSpeaker: a way to listen to online content read out loud. I have added the new … Continue reading

PostRank – Help from beyond

New URL and a new feature on the Blog This week, in case you didn’t notice, I changed the URL of my blog to http://minterdial.com/ (I took out the blogspot, but the old blogspot address will continue to direct automatically). … Continue reading

Boris Johnson voted in Mayor of London 2008-2013

Boris Johnson has won a most interesting and widely publicized London mayoral race. Congratulations Boris! And, perhaps, fittingly, it was a May Day [2008] victory. This “Observers” article pitting a pigeon-on-his-head Ken Livingstone (Labour) and a baked-beans-on-toast-munching-Boris (Tory) gives quite … Continue reading

Twitter Tweet Clouds versus Blog Clouds

Thanks to Greg Verdino’s post, I was inspired to find out what my Twitter or “Tweet” cloud would look like. I attach it [above] in order to compare whether my twittering is consistent or not with my blogging. Per Greg’s … Continue reading

Blogger Trackback for Firefox’s Grease Monkey

Attention all neophyte Bloggers using the Mozilla Firefox browser! I have made significant strides in augmenting my Blogger site thanks to GreaseMonkey with widgets, gadgets and more, including the easy-to-use Trackback mechanism courtesy of Singpolyma. The beauty of the proposed … Continue reading