Heroes of the Second World War – Discover Rishi Sharma’s Amazing Project #WWII

Interview with Rishi Sharma

Since mid-October, I have essentially been on tour, launching my new documentary film and book, The Last Ring Home. In case you had not come across it yet, here is the trailer:

I am now back in the saddle and working on the next chapter of the story, including hopefully getting the film on national public television in the US. In the interim, I wanted to bring to you another story that needs to be told. It’s the story of a 19-year-old who is on a magnificent mission.

Rishi Sharma Heroes of WWIIBelow you will find my podcast interview with Rishi Sharma. His ambition is noble and entirely consistent with my own. His mission and project will undoubtedly make a meaningful mark in our world: to capture the stories of the remaining combat heroes of WWII before they all pass.

Below, you’ll find the show notes and, of course, you are invited to comment. I hope you will be equally inspired by Rishi’s commitment and purpose.

To connect with Rishi Sharma:



PS if you’d like to know more about my own film, please head over to TheLastRingHome. I’ll be doing a couple of screenings in Paris over the Christmas holidays (see here for details).

5 thoughts on “Heroes of the Second World War – Discover Rishi Sharma’s Amazing Project #WWII

  1. Rishi…
    Danny Romero referred me to you. Our dad , Ralph Graham, is a WWII Veteran… flew 33 missions over Germany, including the Battle of the Bulge. …B-17 Radio Operator. He is 94 and would love to talk to you about his WWII stories.
    You can text me at 832-746-0933.
    Thanks so much
    Pam McDaniel

  2. Rishi… My wife has a 94 year old Uncle who landed on nomandy and fought all the way to Germany he is guite the “vet ” you should hear his story! His name is Jack Eddins ,he lives on Panama City Beach Fla

  3. my uncle joe went to europe when he was 18 years old. he is 93 and a proud veteran. was under the big guns and lost much of his hearing. my no is 205 913-2307. you are welcome to call or text. brenda. ps he lives in douglasville ga outside atlanta brenda ford propst. thank you for what you are doing in recognizing these vets.

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