Mde41: The Future Of Retail With Jared Schiffman, Co-founder Of Perch Interactive And Potion Design

Minter Dialogue Show #41Perch Interactive - Cole Haan, The Myndset Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy

This interview is with Jared Schiffman, co-founder of two companies that work on the area of digital for business, at the intersection of computer science, interactive design and education. One is a technology and design firm called Potion Design and the other is Perch Interactive, with a fabulously innovative technology to help enliven the retail experience. [You can see the video below to experience the installation at Kiehls NY].  In this interview, we discuss the cutting edge of digital merchandising, the challenges of implementing interactive technology in the retail shop and exchange on how digital will play a role in retail in the future.

Perch at Kiehl’s

Perch for Kiehl’s

from Perch on Vimeo.


Sites mentioned by Jared Schiffman

  • A couple of places where Perch Interactive is currently installed: Clo Wine Bar and Cole Haan


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  2. Wedding dress bridal December 10, 2012 @ 5:25 pm

    this blog is so good i would come here every day

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